Western Australia
I found The Driving through Western Australia to be very tiring because the distances are so great. When I reached Geralton the sceney changed completely, where wildflowers replaced baron ground.
This photo was taken down inside the a gorge at the Elquestro Station. It is a bradshaw painting. Bradshaw was the person who discovered these paintings and they  outdate the aboriginals. Nobody knows what culture painted them.
A photo taken inside of  the Kimberleys .... it looks very African.
This is Wolf Creek Crater ... East of Halls Creek
This is my campsite at Geralton. In the afternoon I went for a walk with a group of campers to look at the wildflowers in the area.
This is the Ord catchment dam. It holds more water than Sydney harbour
This photo was taken on the border of Western and South Australia .... it looks back across the Nullabor Plain into Western Australia.
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