I was a bit worried about crossing this.
Cape York, dusty as hell and twice as hot.... and thats in Winter !!
In June 1996 I was part of a tag along tour that made its way from Port Douglas to Cape York and back down via the eastern side of the Gulf of Carpentaria. It took place over 21 days as we wound our way through the Daintree, Mossman, Cooktown, Laura, Coen, Weipa, Wenlock River, the Old Telegraph Track, Elliot Falls, Jardine River, Seisia, Thursday Island, Somerset, Chili Beach, Archer River Road house, Musgrave, Kowanyama, Normanton, Cloncurry ... then back home to Sydney.
Highlights of the Trip:-
* Cooktown is a great spot.
* Archer River Roadhouse feels like a 5 star hotel after the trip down from the top. And yes they do make good hamburgers.
* Swimming in the freshwater streams.
A note on radio communications:-
SSB radios are pretty useless on the track as there is a lot of splatter from Indonesian fishing boats. I found the best thing to do was switch between AM and UHF radios when talking between vehicles. Emergency radio is still the HF radio.
[edit] of course these days emergency calls are made on satellite phones.
Our campsite not far from Bamaga
Getting ready for a creek crossing
Cooktown ... a fantastic spot
Camping on the river
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Cape York......