10th of November 2004
After landing in Fiji I booked my mother and myself into the Raffles resort where I settled back to a beer downstairs in the bar and later dinner.
11th of November 2004
The following day a the boat out to the island was organised ( a catermaran hull ) that took about 4 hours. On arrival at
Otto's and Fanny's we were greeted on the beach by my brother and fiancé with a few of their friends.
The resort was a minimist affair with simple living quarters and showers. The meals though were fantastic and the hospitality superb. For the next couple of days we lounged around the island and did a bit of exploring.
By the way, the resort has its own bakery and provides to the other resorts in the area .... they make the BEST cream buns.
13th of November 2004 ... The wedding
I have to hand it to the Fijians, they can turn such simple things as palm leaves into works of art. Baskets were weaved, tables were decorated ... It was paradise.
The wedding reception dinner was cooked over hot rocks under the ground, something that our hosts would only have been able to pull off with such expertise. Later in the night out came the guitars, the singing, the kids, the Kava ... It was a lot of fun :)