Fiji, what an awsome place !!

On the 2nd of March 2016 I flew out of Sydney for an 8 day holiday in Fiji. I stayed on the Island of Denarau on the west cost at "The Westin Resort" ( one of many terrific resorts on the Island ).

My Intention was to take lots of photos and do a cruise out to the islands, as it turned out though I got very sunburnt on the first day and only did a Captain Cook dinner cruise while I was there. I began taking photo's but soon slumped into "Fiji time" and my days consisted of swimming, sleeping and reading.

Prior to my arrival a cyclone had swept the area and caused a lot of damage on the north islands. Consequentially people had cancelled their holidays and ( i'm guessing ) there were only about 250 people at the resort.

All of the resorts are nice, but if you want a bit of piece and quiet then I suggest the Westin. The Sheraton resort is also owned by the Westin and if you choose can wander up and enjoy the band and have a few beers. They will also bill your drinks to your room number at the westin. The Sheraton I would say is the grandest of the resorts.

A word of warning though, I found the meals at the resorts to be a bit on the pricey side and discovered that the place to eat was at the Denarau Marina where the meals are very reasonable. The marina is within about 15 minutes walking distance ( or you can catch the "bulla" bus. My favourite restaurant was the Indigo, consisting of asian and indian meals ( I even made a new facebook friend there... Liatani (lia) ).

Pros:- very relaxing, rooms are magnificent and well maintained, people are extremely friendly.

Cons:- Air travel is not as glamourous and exciting as it once was .... I think next time I will try for more seating space.

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