5th & 6th April ....Queenstown / Cradle Mountain
Day two saw me leave Hobart early because I had a busy day driving to Cradle Mountain via Queenstown.

Outside Hobart the landscape opens up to rural scenery. It's not until you begin to enter the Franklin Gordon National park that you really see why this country is worth saving from dams. The road winds down through steep pine forested valleys and looking up is like looking at skyscrapers. Worthy of a scene from Lord of the rings.
Leaving the forest you begin to enter the Queenstown area. Be very careful driving along this road as it is very twisty and the drop offs very steep. The Queenstown area is almost baron compared to the lush forest park.

Queenstown ( the town ) looked like a Norman Rockwell country life painting. A few country bumkins walking around, ye old buildings and the iconic town hall stands before a backdrop of magestic mountain.

Leaving Queenstown I continued on my way to Cradle Mountain. The main road from Queenstown to the north coast is brilliant.

I spent two nights in Cradle Mountain and stayed in a cabin in a bushland setting. I got lost on the way to the loo ... seriously.

Before entering the park you will need to pay the National Park fee and I found it easier to spend a couple of dollars to catch the shuttle bus to Dove Lake. If you want to do walking I suggest baggy cotton cargo pants or shorts and a light rain jacket. Good comfortable shoes is a must..... Take something warm !!

The walk around Dove lake takes 2 hours. A boardwalk is underfoot for most of the trek and I suggest you take a bottle or two of water. I think the photos below speak for themselves. If I went back to Cradle mountain I would love to do the walk from the lake back to the park information centre.

Something else I was keen to do was visit "devils@cradle" where I got to see up close a few Tasmania devils. I went on a short tour and discovered a few things:-

* Tassie devils will eat everything and leave nothing of a carcass.
* They are mostly scavangers and live solitary lives in the bush ( this is why they get a bit pissed off with each other ... Social interaction is not their thing ).
* They sound exactly like the Bugs Bunny cartoons !!

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The road into Queenstown