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8th April ....St Helens and Bay of Fires area
St Helens ....

If it's a lazy time of casual laying about on the veranda's of beachside holiday homes and enjoying a BBQ in the hot summer sun with a bottle of Merlot then this I think is for you. St Helens is a beachside town with it's mandatory Co-Op serving fish and chips, but ( to me ) St Helens is more a drive through ..... not a destination.

I was much more impressed with the drive into St Helens from Launceston and Scottsdale, you see, if you have ever riden a motorcyle then the Lillydale Rd, Golconda Rd and Tasman Highway cannot possibly fail to impress you with it's twists and stunning scenery. If you do ride a motorcycle then I would go so far as to suggest staying in Scottsdale overnight and riding through to St Helens as a lunchtime stopover then ride straight through to Bicheno for the night.

I did take a lot more photos of this area, unfortunately my camera and the new memory card didn't quite see eye to eye and, as a result I lost a lot of photo's .... sorry.
The Bay of Fires area
A photo somewhere between Scottsdale and St Helens .... Golden !!
The main road south somewhere of St Helens