7th April .... Stanley, Sheffield and Launceston
Stanley ....

Arriving at Stanley I was at first very disappointed. The wind nearly blew me off the dock, and after wandering into a local dockside caffe I was informed by the woman who ran the place that it was a pretty good day. I left the cafe scratching my head and thinking to myself that her definition of "a pretty good day" differed considerably from my own.

By afternoon  though ( and after my nanna nap ) the wind had died away and I ventured down to the beach for a spot of photography. The beach is noteworthy due simply to the fact that the tide receded about 100 meters, giving the whole town an English seaside town look.

At 6pm it was time for dinner and the local pub was suggested. Things in Stanley were really looking up now, after two or three ale's at the public bar ( very cozy with lounges and a combustion wood heater that added "atmos" to the room ) I made my way into the dining area. Wow, what a view !! The pub was set up on a hill that overlooked a good portion of the town and beach, and the aspect was of the western horrison. The sun was setting and the sky to the west was bright red with cloud. I'm not sure how much the pub had paid god for that sight .... But it was worth it.

Dinner consisted of steak, chips, mashed potato and for an extra $2 you can have their "special" sauce which consisted of ( amoung other things ) scallops. Oh, I also had a couple more beers.
Sheffield ....

Initially I only wanted to visit the Marbel ( thats " marbel " as in game of marbles ) shop but on arrival I found this town had at least one other thing to offer the passing tourist .... murals.

The town reminded me a bit of that TV series Northern Exposure .... And yes there was that backdrop of hillside again.
Launceston ....

Frankly this town did nothing for me, yes it was a large town spread out over a large area that offered the tourist somewhere to buy things. And yes like all towns it offered some sort of attraction, in this case the Cataract Gorge. I don't think I would go back to Launceston ... Hobart is much nicer.
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The tide really goes out in Stanley
A photo of the river at Deloraine
Cataract Gorge