10th ....Port Arthur .
Originally I wasn't going to visit Port Arthur, but someone said it was a must see .... I'm glad I did.

If you visit Port Arthur do yourself a favour and join one of the walking tours because it gives a good understanding of what went on there, how bad it was and the reason some of the buildings came to be. It's hard to believe that this now picturesque area was once home to convicts sent out from England.

A few things I didn't know:-

* Port Arthur was the first convict settlement to seperate the adults from children. The children lived on a seperate island where they were educated by teaching them trades and later released back to society.

* Port Arthur has an island where convicts bodied were buried. This island was called the island of the dead.

* The worst of the convicts were put on chain gangs and it were these convicts who were sent into the bush to cut and carry the Huon pine trees.

I won't give anymore away .... Just go there.
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